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 Welcome to the GoodMojo family!


Welcome to GoodMojo Records and Studios!  Here at GoodMojo we understand your music is your life, your project is your lifeline.  We strive to offer the finest services available at reasonable rates to amazing artists putting out creative gems!  Your music is our business card and we have been successfully working without a website for years now through word of mouth.  We promise you this:




We'll make your project right if it kills us.



Here at GoodMojo, we have experience in radio voice overs, post audio production for video, restoration, Protools instruction, music instruction, artist development, media relations and of course rocking out with the coolest bands in the studio!

We'll get it done just the way you need it.


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 Planet Cool by Kim and Ivan

Kim and Ivan was formed to support various charities assisting autism, and the families that deal with this on a daily basis. Pick up the single! It's an infectiously fun song about Planet Cool as described by Max.  Max is 9 and suffers from autism.  It's a great childrens song and a portion of the proceeds is being donated to charity.  It's a WIN WIN for everyone!  99 cents for a terrific cause.  DO IT.  There's no reason not to.

"OMG, that song is the coolest EVER! I love it. Not only the sound of it, but the words seem to be inviting the whole world to 'planet Cool' ie. understanding the world of autism..."

- Grambo, Max's Sweet granma




"Thanks to YOU, Ivan! Your music and sound sweetening took this sizzle reel from good to great! Thank you so much!!!"

Steve Haverly-  CEO,Triple One Prod.

"Ivan Thanks so much for the magnificent job!!! 
Your next cannoli is on us!"

Jim Labriola- 
Home Improvement, Night of 1000 Guidos
"Ivan, When we sell this to NBC, IT WILL NEED MUSIC :)"

Tobin Kirk, Business Development- 
"Ivan?  A Sitar?  THAT IS AWESOME!!"

Billy Shew, The Billy Shew Band


Our website is currently under construction.  But our services continue uninterrupted!  There's not much to see yet, but expect some more to come!

  Look around and come back to see the site develop.

Feel free to contact Ivan Pla at to have your questions answered directly and promptly.